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Planificateurs en construction

The financial control of a construction project is important, but there is more to it. The co-ordination and the management of a project are also very important.


The multitude of consultants reporting to him as well as administrative procedures to carry out can overwhelm a client. The appointment of a project manager can greatly ease the burden by providing a single link with the rest of the construction team, interpreting the client's requirements and acting promptly and economically on them. Our long experience in this role makes us particularly well qualified to carry out the tasks of project management.


The project management service we propose is divided in eight sections, as follows :

The Design TeAM

  • Giving advice on the appointment of the remaining professional consultants, including the extent of their services and their fees ;

  • Establishing a co-ordination and communication system for the design team, establishing the  procedures and reporting system.


  • Establishing an appropriate communication system with the client ;

  • Assistance as necessary in the preparation of the client's brief in terms of the final product, his available budget and timetable ;

  • Ensuring the design team is fully aware of the client's brief and of any changes to it if adaptation is necessary during the course of the project ;

  • Ensuring that the client's brief is followed throughout the project.


  • Drafting the overall programme for the project, from the initial design phase to the handover of the works ;

  • Undertaking regular monitoring and programme up-dating as necessary.


  • Overseeing the financial management of the project and respect of the client's budget ;

  • Monitoring the evolution of the cost of the works through the cost plan established by the quantity surveyor and making sure it is up-dated continuously ;

  • Imposing on the design team a cost control system and ensuring it is followed up ;

  • Reporting on the evolution of the anticipated final cost to the client ;

  • Supervising the preparation of the tender documents by the quantity surveyor, obtaining the reports on the analysis of the tenders ;

  • Assisting the client in the selection of the contractors to appoint and advising on signature of the building contracts.


  • Establish that all relevant statutory consents are obtained, that contracts are entered into with statutory authorities, that appropriate insurance policies are subscribed ;

  • Liaison with the legal and property consultants of the client when appropriate.


  • Overseeing and monitoring progress during all stages of the project including design, client approval, tendering, contract signature, works on site, handover, moving in ;

  • Controlling variations of the contract ;

  • Monitoring the availability of materials and any client supply items.


  • Client liaision during the contract on progress and cost ;

  • Taking further instructions from the client and transposing these into co-ordinated instructions for the design team ;

  • Chairing meetings of the design team and preparing minutes.


  • Managing the handover of the works, ensuring that all visible defects are properly noted on the certificate of practical completion ;

  • Ensuring the certificate of practical completion is duly signed by all relevant parties ;

  • Ascertaining that the final reports of the works carried out, the as-built drawings and the operating manuals are obtained ;

  • Ensuring that all documentation relevant to the ten-year warranty on building works is completed ;

  • Ensuring the client is correctly insured for the completed property ;

  • Ensuring maintenance contracts are entered into ; 

  • Client's liaison for taking occupation.

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