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Description below :

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The service consists in the supervision of the works on site, until the final handover of the works, and includes :

  • Coordination of the design between the different members of the design team (architect, interior designer, engineers, acoustician, landscape architect) ;


  • Assistance to the client in carrying out the administrative formalities, including the site opening declaration, and coordination with the different authorities, in particular the works inspectorate and health and safety officer ;


  • Supervision of the works on site including verification of the concordance between the design carried out in previous phases, the signed building contract, the building authorisations and the works carried out ;


  • Approval of the contractors’ workshop drawings in coordination with the engineers and building controller, including advice on the interim payments requests from contractors ; 


  • Management of the potential modifications to the project arising during the works on site ;


  • Organisation of regular site meetings, including drafting and circulating the minutes ;


  • Organisation of the handover of the works, including drafting and circulating the certificate of practical completion ;


  • Assistance to the client in drafting the official certificate of completion and compliance of the works, and obtention of the paperwork necessary to the project’s completion and in particular the set of as-built drawings, maintenance and operating instructions, compliance certificates, set of instructions for those undertaking future works on the building. 

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