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Financial control of a project is very important, but so is coordination, leadership and management.


The multitude of stakeholders surrounding it and the cumbersome administrative procedures can overwhelm a client. Hiring a project management assistant makes it possible to alleviate the constraints by providing a single point of contact with the rest of the project management team, by translating the project owner's program and by acting promptly with the various stakeholders. Our vast experience in this role gives us the necessary qualification to carry out the tasks of assistant to the contracting authority.


The project management assistance mission that we offer is divided into eight parts, namely:


- define the commitment of those skilled in the art, including the scope of their assignments, contracts and fees;

- establish a communication and coordination system between the members of the project management team; establish a working methodology;

- see to the signing of contracts and give authorization to regulations.


- establish a communication system with the contracting authority;

- assist the client in defining the program; 

- ensure the dissemination of the program and coordinate responses to questions raised on this subject;

- ensure that the program is respected throughout the operation


- draw up a provisional timetable for the project covering the period of the studies, obtaining the authorizations and carrying out the project until the acceptance of the works;

- plan operations in detail during the study phases;

- follow the schedule and update it continuously;

- ensure that the schedule is respected at each phase.


- ensure the financial management of the project and compliance with the budget;

- follow the evolution of costs by means of the "Cost Plan" drawn up by the economist and kept up to date;

- impose on the project management team a cost control system and take the necessary follow-up;

- provide the contracting authority with information on the evolution of expenditure;

- check the tender documents drawn up by the economist, obtain reports on the analysis of tenders; 

- assisting the contracting authority to decide which companies to retain and the amounts of their contracts.


- ensure that the administrative authorizations are obtained, that the relations with the administrations and the public services are engaged, that the relations with the neighborhood are maintained, that the insurance policies are taken out;

- establish coordination with the tax, legal and real estate advisers of the contracting authority as required.


- monitoring the progress of the studies and the completion of the work;

- ensure the smooth running of the consultation of companies;

- advising on the method of devolution of works contracts;

- check service orders; verify the availability of materials and the placing of orders;

- check the direct supplies of the contracting authority, if applicable.


- establishing dialogue with the contracting authority for the duration of the mission;

- provide the necessary information on the progress of studies and work;

- interpret the orders of the project owner to guide the design team;

- leading coordination meetings and distributing the minutes.


- attend the acceptance of the works and advise the contracting authority on any reservations;

- have the acceptance report signed;

- ensure that the end-of-work reports, as-built files and maintenance logs are transmitted;

- ensure that safeguards are in place;

- coordinate development operations.

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